The Industry’s First Vitamin Education and Access Program

Introducing our corporate wellness program

Empower Employees Throughout Their Wellness Journey

Drive outcomes for employees on any path to wellness with an individualized daily multivitamin designed to target their specific needs.

Increased Savings

We enable the employer to deliver proprietary discount codes that make a high-quality, personalized multivitamin more affordable to their workforce.

Access to Experts

We provide special co-hosted webinars, presentations, and Q&A sessions from Dr. Romy Block, MD, and Dr. Arielle Levitan, MD.

Additional Resources

We help the employer set up a program on vitamins and wellness, using our content library of 100+ articles on vitamin topics authored exclusively by board-certified physicians. We offer group-level analytical reporting on our vitamin program.

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We aim to target and reduce unnecessary vitamins. Different lifestyles and health profiles interact to demand unique nutritional needs. We assist employees in finding which daily vitamin blend is right for them.

Why Now?

The Science Speaks for Itself

Vitamins can be an essential component of health and wellness for your employees. Studies have found that routine, daily, and targeted vitamin supplementation may have beneficial impacts on:

Reduction in productivity due to inadequate nutrition
0 %
The economic cost to lost productivity due to illnesses
$ 0 B
Lost work days due to illnesses from weakened immune systems
0 M

Good Health is Good Business

Individualized Wellbeing. Company-Wide Benefits.

Easy Implementation

Our program can easily be integrated into existing corporate wellness resources and vendor platforms.

Zero Cost to Employers

Employees can choose to take advantage of the available resources and savings at their own discretion.

Filling a Gap in Wellness Benefits

Most vitamins are typically not covered by healthcare plans or HSA/FSA plans, except for prenatals and glucosamine.

Vitamin Education & Access

Consumers are forced to navigate the retail landscape with limited education and professional support and spend their own financial resources.

Food-Based Nutrition

They also may have components around food-based nutrition, but fail to address vitamins.

Prescription Rx

Consumers are forced to navigate the retail landscape with limited education and professional support and spend their own financial resources.

Vous in the News

“One of the biggest benefits to utilizing Vous Vitamin is that all of your needs are packed into one easy-to-swallow tablet. ”​


“Vous Vitamin is a physician-led company that builds personalization into single pill formulations…making the experience more pleasurable.”


“I highly recommend reading The Vitamin Solution by Dr. Romy Block and Dr. Arielle Levitan, two doctors who founded Vous Vitamin.”​

Ranked #1 in simplicity for vest vitamin subscription service​
Voted BEST vitamin subscription service in 2022​

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