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Introduction to Personalized Vitamins

“What vitamins should I take?” is a very common question, surrounded by many misconceptions. You may be asking this question because a doctor recommended that you take vitamins, or you’re going through a life transition. You may be struggling with various health issues and are seeking ways to address them with a personalized vitamin regimen. Vitamins can help to regain lost energy, boost immune health, and fight the damaging effects of poor nutrition.

Understanding what vitamins that you need for your personal body type, lifestyle, and health conditions will provide you with a clear path towards:

  • Maintaining health
  • Feeling energized
  • Fighting off free radicals
  • Establishing and reaching healthy goals
  • Taking action to better your health

Finding the correct balance for the vitamins that you need for your own body can be a bit challenging if you don’t know where to start. When you take our personalized vitamin quiz, you can learn which vitamins will work best for you, in. Personalized vitamins also eliminate those non-essential vitamins, harmful ingredients, and additive fillers that you do not require in your daily blend.”.

 Vitamins are healthy in and of themselves, but, more importantly, vitamins can kickstart a new, healthier lifestyle. Vitamins are recognized to be an accelerant of healthy behaviors – they can help people start to work out, accomplish their diets, and more!

A Clear Glance Into Personalized Vitamins

Sometimes the topic of vitamins can be extremely confusing because of mixed messages and vitamin myths. One source of information will tell you that a vitamin, in particular, is good for you, yet another source will tell you that it might be better to steer clear of that vitamin if you have certain health risks or lifestyle habits.

Your best friend swears by hers, but the media says another one is better – even going into the retail stores, there are too many options and not enough assistance.

The truth is that some vitamins may be good for some people, while others may be worthless (or even cause damage) to others. Some of the variables that are associated with having an effective personalized vitamin program are:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Lifestyle
  • Body type
  • Geolocation
  • Health status
  • Prescription drugs

Based on these variables, the vitamins that your body needs will be different than the vitamins another person needs. Everybody is unique, so everybody needs a unique vitamin routine.

Maybe you’ve spent time trying to shop for yourself in vitamin aisles or online marketplaces only to be overwhelmed and more confused than when you started. Fortunately, we have developed a service that will eliminate the guesswork that people commonly endure when they begin a new vitamin routine.

Our personalized vitamin quiz will take your preferences and medical history into consideration. Based on the information that we collect we will be able to provide you with the exact vitamins that you need to gain the optimum health benefits for your individual profile.

The Reality About Vitamins Through Food Sources

We believe that the best way to get your vitamins is through your food sources. Many of the foods that you eat daily contain vitamins and supplements that are necessary for a healthy life. However, many people, Americans in particular, are living on restrictive diets that limit their natural vitamin intake. Even people who concentrate on eating enough fruits and vegetables can have trouble because a lot of the food consumed comes from nutrient-depleted soil or has nutrient deterioration at the time of consumption. Many people need to supplement their diet with vitamins.

Some of the crucial nutrients that we need that are difficult to obtain through food, even though we try are:

  • Vitamin D
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Magnesium
  • Iodine
  • Vitamin B12

One of the more important vitamins that people need to survive is vitamin D. The most practical way to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D is by allowing the sun’s rays to touch the skin for a few minutes each day. Many people never get enough sun to provide an adequate amount of this vitamin, so they become deficient.

Getting the right vitamins for ourselves to obtain optimal health can become challenging because the foods and circumstances that would usually provide the nutrition are unavailable to us.

By getting a professional assessment of the vitamins and minerals that you need on a personal level, and establishing a routine that supplies those nutrients without fail is the absolute best way to go about making sure that you get exactly what you need to remain healthy and balanced. Personalized vitamins are a great method to achieve the ultimate nutrition for your unique needs.

Common Problems and Supplement Solutions

There are a few common problems with vitamin deficiencies. While the following are not a comprehensive list, they are some common issues, and the supplements recommended to be a solution for those issues. 

  • If you’re experiencing anxiety or stress, you should look into taking magnesium, different B vitamins, or vitamin D. 
  • If you’re experiencing hair loss, you should look into taking biotin (paired with vitamin C), iron, or vitamin D3. 
  • For heart health, Coq10, magnesium, and vitamin D are all helpful. 
  • To stay hydrated, chlorine (paired with sodium), magnesium, and potassium are the best.
  • For prenatal health, we recommend calcium, folic acid, iodine, omega 3s, and vitamin D3. 
  • To sleep better, we recommend taking iron, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin D3.
  • Finally, a problem that a lot of people struggle with, weight loss, can be helped via iodine, iron, and vitamin B12.

To get the most accurate picture of the kinds of vitamins that are best for you, as an individual, it is recommended that you take our personalized vitamin quiz and know exactly what you are in need of, and what you might be having too much of.

COVID-19, Immunity, and Vitamins

We believe that vitamins can be helpful in reducing the risk of COVID-19 based on published studies. Ultimately, taking the right vitamins can help boost your immune system. While the best way to ensure that you are getting the proper vitamins is to take a vitamin assessment to address your own individual deficiencies, there are certain key vitamins that can help to boost immunity, specifically vitamin D3, vitamin C, and Zinc.

The problem with self-administering a vitamin plan is that you have no idea of knowing which vitamins you are currently in need of, and which ones that you may be taking in excess. Although vitamin deficiencies can cause a number of issues within your body, some vitamins in excess can be both toxic and harmful.

In order for vitamins to be of any use, they have to be absorbed into your body where they can work for you. 

When you get a vitamin plan through Vous Vitamin, not only do you get the right vitamins for your personal needs, you also get high-quality vitamins that are absorbed into your body and do the job that they are supposed to do.

The Truth About Multivitamins

Multivitamins are complicated. Many of the multivitamins that are available  exceed the recommended doses for certain nutrients, and studies have shown that not only is this not helpful, but it can also actually be harmful to your body. 

However, there are upsides to taking a multivitamin, namely that, as mentioned above, a lot of lifestyle choices made in this day and age lead to unnoticed vitamin deficiencies. In fact, many people do feel better when they start to take a multivitamin that is geared towards their individual needs. 

We recommend getting a personalized daily vitamin, rather than one available over-the-counter. Multivitamins, while they can be helpful, are never the exact right answer to ‘what vitamins should I take.’

Take our personalized vitamin quiz so that you can get a clear understanding of the exact vitamins and minerals that you need, personally, for your own health needs. If you decide to blanket your body with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that you do not need, you could do harm to yourself. 

There are plenty of vitamins that turn into toxins in your body if you take too much of them in. Your diet and lifestyle could already provide you with more than enough of a particular vitamin. Adding an extra daily dose of a vitamin that can turn toxic is dangerous. Get the help of educated specialists that will make sure that you get accurate amounts of the vitamins and minerals that are most suited for you.

Common Myths About Vitamins

Vitamins aren’t safeYes, vitamins are not regulated by the FDA, so some vitamins are better vitamins than others, but the real danger comes from taking supplements your body doesn’t need – as we have discussed before, certain vitamins can be toxic at high levels, so the best way to combat this danger is by consulting a doctor and taking a quiz to find your perfect vitamin mix.

Taking a multivitamin is of no useWhile the nutrients provided by a multivitamin are not the same ones everybody needs, many people can benefit from the appropriate all-in-one vitamin. Additionally, your body does not just absorb the vitamins that it needs – remember there are certain vitamins that can harm you and your body in high doses, which is another reason you should look into a personalized routine. As mentioned above, even a healthy diet does not guarantee a correct mix of essential nutrients. Certain vitamins are hard to come by in food, and different diets make that even worse. 

Taking the correct amount of the right vitamins is essential for full-body health.

Once I have a vitamin routine, I should stick to it As people’s lives change, their vitamin needs change as well; you should be checking 1-2 times per year to make sure you’re still taking the best supplements for your health. Yes, you should continue to take vitamins, however, you do need to make sure that you are continually taking the correct amount of the right vitamins for you.

Staying Consistent With Vitamins

Once you know which vitamins you should be taking, the best thing to do is create a routine. If you take your vitamins around the same time every day, you get into a good habit, and your body will thank you for that.

You likely won’t see or feel immediate changes; supplements can take weeks or months to integrate into your system, but patience and routine are key to seeing results. 

  • Take the right vitamins
  • Take your vitamins at the same time each day
  • Maintain awareness of your vitamin needs

Remember, while getting in a routine is good, it’s always important to check once or twice a year to make sure that your needs haven’t changed. Additionally, always check in with a medical professional so you aren’t guessing about which supplements to take. Your doctor likely won’t be able to make a perfect recommendation as to which vitamins you should take, so the best way to find your perfect supplement match is through a personalized vitamin quiz.

Why Personalized Vitamins Are Important

Although it may not seem like it, our bodies are made up of tiny cells. Our blood, our skin, our organs, and even our hair are made up of these cells. Although many of us are similar in various ways, on a cellular level we are different in ways that most people never even ponder. Which cells contribute to which function of the body?  How old are the oldest cells in our bodies compared to the next person?

The human body is an intricate array of complex functions that are not fully understood by anybody, including doctors and scientists. The one thing that we are certain of is that every person is different based on an innumerable amount of variants. Age, sex, race, health, genetics, and other practical differences are among the most popular differences between people and needs, but other reasons such as the function of individual organs and the capacity of how healthy they are.

Every person is a unique enigma that requires a specific regimen of nutrients in order to operate at the perfect level of harmony. Personalized vitamins are specifically created in order to provide the exact amount of vitamins and minerals that are best for a particular person.

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