Two women—friends and doctors—and our crusade for an honest, perfect-fit vitamin product

about Vous Vitamin

As practicing physicians who are also friends, we noted a number of years ago that patients were increasingly reaching out to us, confused about what vitamins or supplements they should take. Sometimes they’d show us a product they were sold at a local vitamin shop or at the health club or online.

What we saw blew our minds. We were appalled at how many manufacturers can and will put just about anything in a capsule and claim its health benefits without proof.

Did you know that the FDA doesn’t regulate the vitamin industry?

As doctors, we were concerned for our patients. It’s confusing at best…but as we see it, dangerous.

Patients’ needs were not being met adequately with off the shelf products. Their symptoms were not changing. Their health was not improving. In some cases, the products were creating unwanted problems.

More than that, we saw clearly that a single product wasn’t going to work for the range of people in our practice and in the larger world. No two people have the same diet, family history or lifestyle.

So we did extensive research and product development and ultimately created our own vitamin company. A company built on quality, honesty and transparency. A company with premium all natural vitamin supplement products, customized to the unique health needs of each individual.

Our system is based on our decades of medical training and in-field expertise in Endocrinology, Metabolism and Preventative Health, and continually evolves based on new findings.

stack of booksOur manufacturing is done in the USA so that we can closely monitor quality and ensure that it lives up to the highest standards. We maintain Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certification (ingredients are independently analyzed and verified).

Ultimately, we are so pleased that Vous Vitamin enables every individual to access the precisely correct blend of vitamins and supplements they need.

Most importantly, it is just what YOU need.

Drs. Block and Levitan


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