Why do people stop taking vitamins? Our simple solution to keep taking the right vitamins for you

Every doctor knows the biggest reason a given medication stops working, or doesn’t work in the first place: patients stop taking it, or don’t take it for long enough to begin with. The same principal holds true with vitamins. People often do not adhere to a consistent vitamin routine.  The biggest reason people ask “do vitamins actually work” or “are my vitamins doing anything” is because they don’t take them long enough to know.

Why do people stop taking vitamins?

Turns out that there are a few reasons that people give up on their supplements and have poor vitamin adherence. Sometimes they experience side effects. For example, many multivitamins that contain iron can cause different gastrointestinal side effects, typically an upset stomach, constipation and or nausea.

It turns out that taking that many of the types of iron found in traditional off the shelf multivitamins can be likely to cause these issues. However, certain forms of iron, especially when paired with certain other nutrients, can avoid these pesky problems. At Vous Vitamin® we worked hard to find a form of iron (iron as carbonyl) that is particularly nontaxing on the GI tract. Likewise we pair it with the proper nutrients that both aid in absorption (such as vitamin C) and can balance out the sometimes constipating effects of iron (magnesium). Take our personalised vitamin quiz to get a custom vitamin tailored to your needs.

So, what else causes people to not take vitamins and have poor vitamin adherence?

Often they develop pill fatigue. Some people try custom vitamin packs that contain numerous, sometimes large and unpalatable pills to be taken daily or several times daily. These can be unpleasant to take. After a while, many people give up on these packs all together. Besides, they don’t love having to store large boxes of packets and to have to dispose of all of the packaging several times daily, let alone the environmental implications of all that plastic.

Yet, custom vitamins actually make a lot of sense. Taking the right vitamins for your individual needs is clearly the best way to take vitamins. We are not all the same. We all have different diets, lifestyles and health issues. We do not need the same vitamins in the same amounts. A custom vitamin makes sense. Avoiding the handfuls of pills found in custom vitamin packs and finding a custom all in one daily vitamin is the logical way to go and improves vitamin adherence. A brief online personalised vitamin quiz can help you design the right custom vitamin to meet your individual needs.  Vous Vitamin® was created so you can get all your nutrients in one easy to swallow pill (take two pills daily). As physicians we knew that a lasting custom vitamin regimen needs to be simple and easy to take. After years of talking to our patients about why they did or didn’t take vitamins, we knew we could find a solution.

Some people are spotty in taking vitamins because they simply forget to take them. Easy! Put them somewhere that is near something you never forget. It may be next to your coffee maker, your tooth brush or your phone. We can all also benefit from technology and set daily alarms to remind us to take our vitamins and improve vitamin adherence . Taking your vitamins can in fact be an enjoyable and calming part of your daily routine.

So why would someone stop taking vitamins?

People often tell us they stopped taking their vitamins because they weren’t sure they were “working”. While it may be hard to know what your vitamins are or aren’t doing for you, the benefits will unfold over time. However, that time frame is long and it can often take months to years to really reap the benefits. Certain effects, such as help with thinning hair can take 6 months or more to improve, while other benefits can be seen more quickly. People often notice their nails improving in weeks or they may feel more energetic relatively quickly. Other effects, such as building bone strength is a benefit of custom vitamins that may never be recognised a it is something that is simply preventing future problems with fractures. Generally speaking, slow and steady wins the race with vitamins. Your commitment to take the right vitamins means you are in it for the long haul. Remember, good things come to those who wait!

Some patients tell us they stop taking vitamins when they run out and don’t take the time to get replacement vitamins. We have a solution… subscription vitamins! Make your life easier and get a subscription which automatically renews and keeps you well stocked with custom vitamins that are exactly what you need.  Have your all in one custom daily vitamin shipped to your door so you never run out and vitamin adherence will not be a problem. Take our personalised vitamin quiz to find out exactly the right vitamins for your diet, lifestyle and best health.

So what’s new in 2022?

More and more Americans are taking vitamins and supplements. It turns out that The Pandemic, while harmful to the health of many for some reasons (less activity, worse diet, more alcohol and drug consumption), has encouraged others to take more steps to improve their health. In addition to taking more vitamins, more consumers are turning to on line purchasing for their vitamins. The convenience and access to high quality, customised and physician backed products has contributed to this trend.

Romy Block specialises in Endocrinology and Metabolism and is mother to three active adolescent boys. Arielle Levitan is a Doctor of Internal Medicine with a special interest in Preventive Medicine and Women’s Health.  She is a mother of three teen agers. As professional women with active family lives, they recognise that people often neglect their own health needs and are uncertain about what vitamins to take. Each person is different in her diet, exercise and health history, and will benefit from different nutrients.  After years of advising their patients about the proper vitamins to take,  Drs. Block and Levitan created Vous Vitamin® to provide people everywhere with quality vitamins that are suited to their individual needs. They are authors of the award winning The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear Confusion About Vitamins and Your Health (She Writes Press, 2015). Take your vitamin survey now to get exactly the right vitamins for your needs.

The statements made in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered by Vous Vitamin® are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nothing contained herein is intended to be a diagnosis or constitute medical advice.  The symptoms described in this Blog may be a result of a serious medical condition which requires medical treatment.  You should consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned in this Blog and before beginning any vitamin or supplement regimen.







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