How Do You Eat Healthy: 7 Reasons Yoga Will Stop You From Making Unhealthy Food Choices

Here at Vous Vitamin we are all about making healthy choices. Patients and customers often ask “How do you eat healthy?” We are always looking for ways to make better food choices and to control our impulses to binge unhealthy foods or eat excessive portions even of healthful foods. Meeting unmet nutritional needs with a good Personalized Multivitamin is a great way to satisfy cravings and help control those impulses. Our customers often say that once their vitamin needs are met, their body feels more satisfied. In addition, certain activities can not only provide you with much needed exercise but can in their own right help stop you from making unhealthy food choices. We are fortunate to welcome Meera Watts, the founder of Siddhi Yoga International, in a guest blog telling us how yoga can help us pursue our goal of eating healthy. Take it away, Meera….

How can Yoga help you eat a healthy diet?

Reaching for unhealthy food causes more problems than you may realize. It can change your mood and lead to depression. You have less energy which usually causes you to reach for junk food again. It can become a vicious habitual cycle that can lead to much more serious health issues. Most people notice weight gain which is of course the manifestation of this type of eating. It’s also the motivating factor for people to change their habits.

The thing is, you have to make the change on a deeper level than just your willpower in order for it to stick. While yoga isn’t a well-known way of losing weight when it comes to calories burnt, it’s still a valuable practice along with aerobic exercise. This is because it can make you think differently which will allow you to make healthier choices in your life. This might just be why it’s considered a viable way to lose weight and gain true health as well as many other positive benefits. Vitamins also help with your journey. For example, Vitamin B and Fish Oil can stave off carb cravings.

1) Healthy Foods are More Likely to Satisfy

Yoga gives you the ability to naturally nurture your body. This will cause you to care more about your health as a result. If you feel food cravings coming on, get out your mat and do one pose. It’s likely you won’t go back to the unhealthy food option. You’ll feel more satisfied with a diet that works well with your yoga practice.

Filling yourself up with fatty foods or a lot of carbs will likely give you heartburn when you do yoga. A way of complimenting your yoga practice is to take vitamins that prevent the desire to eat unhealthy foods. Sometimes, we believe we’re craving something but it’s actually a lack of something else in the body.

2) You Become More Conscious

When you begin doing yoga, you’ll notice things about yourself. You’ll notice that you’re tight in certain areas or you’ll pay more attention to your breathing. As you nurture yourself through poses and truly look within yourself, you become more conscious about it. This consciousness begins to spread through all aspects of your life. Instead of unhealthy food choices, you’ll reach for your daily dose of vitamins and sun kissed vegetables. Daily yoga has a way of sneaking up on you in a gentle way so you just decide to make better choices for yourself.

3) Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Yoga has proven to change the way your mind works. When you change your body, you change your mind. Once you change your mind and drop past behaviors of eating poorly, your body follows suit and also changes.

4) You Prevent Anxiety and other Mood Disorders

Greasy foods and desserts can be considered comfort foods and are your go-to for when you’ve had a hard day. One might even consider it a reward for dealing with anxiety or sadness. Feeding yourself unhealthy foods to help with emotional issues will only make things worse. Yoga helps relieve anxiety through the process of breathing, as well as promoting stress-fighting production in the body. Yoga has the ability to slow down the production of cortisol in your body which is the cause of anxiety.

5) Yoga Helps You Stave Off Compulsive Eating Habits

Compulsive eating habits often start with the need to cover up emotions through eating. It can be a severe problem that stems from issues far beyond this article. As with any addiction, many of the rehabilitation programs incorporate yoga because it helps you cope on many levels. Yoga gives you the tools to manage triggers that occur. You have a moment to make a choice as opposed to literally having no control over your own thoughts. You become more aware of what is causing the desire to binge on food that’s unhealthy.

6) You Release Attachments that are Unhealthy

It’s not possible to have a healthy body and a pure soul if your mind is unbalanced. Yoga creates harmony within the mind, body, and soul. The ego which is attached to your mind will try to cling to unhealthy attachments. An example of this is how sitting down to watch a movie causes you to automatically reach for a bag of chips. The mind essentially tries to coerce you into making bad choices based on past events.

You can tame your mind through yoga so the mind stops dictating what you should eat at any given moment. When you stop listening to the ego mind, you can move forward and make more positive choices. This is the power of yoga for any ailment or affliction you suffer from.

7) Once You Feel Healthy, You’ll Never Go Back

When you start your yoga regime, you’ll want the healthy food that compliments the practice. You’ll notice your energy levels rise and you’ll feel more confident. On top of not eating terrible food, you’ll care enough to feed yourself the necessary vitamins (take our personalized vitamin quiz) daily to prevent disease and increase your health. Once you begin to feel great, there’s no dessert in the world that would be worth giving up the feeling you’ve created. You will slowly but surely decide by yourself that you want to make healthier choices. That’s the kind of conviction that will keep you on a healthy path.


What’s new in 2022?

Yoga continues to evolve as a mainstay in healthy living. We know even more now that mindfulness practices help your mind and body control your health and improve your lifestyle. The array of options for seeking online yoga practice exploded during the pandemic. In addition, healthy food choices are even more readily available. We should continue to use all these tools to optimize our health and how we feel. Personalized vitamins continue to be a great way to jumpstart your healthy mind and body experience.

Author Profile: Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International.






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