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How does Vous work?

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Arielle Levitan

BA – Stanford, MD – Northwestern

Romy Block

BS – Tufts, MD – Tel Aviv University

A physician-led approach to vitamins

Vous Vitamin takes a new, more personal approach to your unique health needs, powered by the research of co-founders and physicians Romy Block, MD, and Ariel Levitan, MD, as well as their decades of medical training and in-field expertise in endocrinology, metabolism, and preventative health. Good health is a journey, so our approach will continue to evolve as our findings do.

Made the right way







A better vitamin

Simplify you daily vitamin routine  with a personalized tablet that’s  made to meet your nutritional needs.

One tablet that does it all

Vous Vitamin combines your daily needs into a single tablet, take twice daily, putting an end to complicated routines  at a price that’s up to five times lower per day than other leading vitamin packs.

Made with only what you need

Unlike off-the-shelf A-Z multivitamins  that contains generic doses based on vague demographics, we personalize your vitamin to only give you effective doses of nutrients you’ll benefit from.

Picked by the experts

Leave researching and shopping for your nutritional needs up to our physicians and get recommended multivitamins delivered right to your door.

Healthy opinions

Mother and Health Enthusiast

“I felt an energy boost within a few weeks.”

I absolutely love my Vous Vitamin. Within a few weeks, I started to feel an energy boost throughout the day. More energy lead to more workouts. After a month of taking my Vous VItamin, I feel better and my overall health is better.

“I was able to get the right product for my body.”

Financial Planner

“My nails and hair are growing with unbelievable rate.”


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