5 easy ways to get a head start on health

Even though New Years is a few days away, there’s no time like the present to start planning your new year in health. We often see patients who feel they have bottomed out with their body in January. They have overeaten, overdrank, under-exercised and fallen into an abyss of feeling poorly. Weight gain feeds fatigue and fatigue feeds poor eating and inactivity, and the cycle continues…

But wait! It’s not January yet. Rather than waiting until your New Year’s hangover to hit the ground running with health, let’s start our focus TODAY. Let’s end 2014 with some simple steps towards bettering our health.

Small incremental change is the best way to adopt new lasting habits. Here are a few simple things you can start right now in anticipation of a great 2015. These things alone are not necessarily a total transformation, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? If you can nail these down in the next week, think about what amazing things you can do from there.

1) Sleep more! Should be easy enough during the holidays. Maybe. This time of year can be filled with relaxation, but it can also be jam packed with activities and celebration which compromise sleep time. Good sleep is the cornerstone of good health. Sleep can play an important role in weight loss and immunity. Allow yourself at least 8 hours of sleep each night for the rest of this year. You will be amazed at how great you feel after a few weeks of consistent regular sleep.

2) Eat a healthy breakfast. So often overlooked, this simple start to your day can make a world of difference. Eating a breakfast complete with a good protein serving (think omelet, greek yogurt or meat) within an hour of waking up can get your metabolism off to a running start and prevent you from being ravenous by midmorning. A thoughtful breakfast lays the groundwork for the rest of your day’s eating and helps keep you on track with mindful food choices.

3) Take your vitamins! You knew this had to be mentioned here somewhere. Starting an easy to take vitamin regimen is a great way to feel your best now and be preventive with your health for the future. A custom all in one vitamin is the ideal way to get exactly what you need when you need it. Take our vitamin quiz to find a vitamin suited for you.

4) Stay hydrated. This makes all the difference in how you feel and how your body functions. Adequate hydration is equally essential in the winter months as over the summer. In fact, the dryness from heated buildings can really sap your body of fluids. It is key to drink plenty of water (you’ve heard that 8 glasses a day thing before) but also to obtain the right electrolytes that help your body hold on to water. These include magnesium, chloride , potassium and sodium. Get them via electrolyte rich beverages , foods or a supplement geared towards electrolyte replenishment.

5) Start a regular exercise routine. If you already have one, now is a great time to step it up a notch– add 10minutes to your routine or an extra day per week. If you are guilty of not exercising regularly, it’s time to start on a small scale. If heading to the gym is not for you, then look for a more doable routine. Think walking with a friend (indoors at a track or mall if weather prohibits going outside), yoga either free online or in a class, a quick at home routine or perhaps trying something totally new to you such as tennis, spinning or pilates. Whatever you choose, make your goal for now doing something for at least 20 minutes every other day. Who doesn’t have an average of 10 minutes a day to spare? No excuses this time!

These 5 simple steps are doable right away. You need not wait until 2015 to incorporate them into your daily routine. In fact, if you get a head start on your health now, you will hit the ground in the New Year and there will be no stopping you! Take our vitamin survey now to get a custom all in one vitamin that meets your needs.

Romy Block specializes in Endocrinology and Metabolism and is mother to three active adolescent boys. Arielle Levitan is a Doctor of Internal Medicine with a special interest in Preventive Medicine and Women’s Health.  She is a mother of three teenagers. As professional women with active family lives, they recognize that people often neglect their own health needs and are uncertain about what vitamins to take. Each person is different in her diet, exercise and health history, and will benefit from different nutrients.  After years of advising their patients about the proper vitamins to take,  Drs. Block and Levitan created Vous Vitamin® to provide people everywhere with quality vitamins that are suited to their individual needs. They are authors of the award winning The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear Confusion About Vitamins and Your Health (She Writes Press, 2015). Take your vitamin quiz now to get exactly the right vitamins for your needs.

The statements made in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered by Vous Vitamin® are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nothing contained herein is intended to be a diagnosis or constitute medical advice.  The symptoms described in this Blog may be a result of a serious medical condition which requires medical treatment.  You should consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned in this Blog and before beginning any vitamin or supplement regimen.




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